Sarvodya has a legacy of being one of the most iconic & oldest names in home furnishing business and boast of a loyal spectrum of clientele that ranges from renowned architects, interior designers and everyone who is looking forward to explore exhaustive collections of globally sourced upholstery fabrics, curtain fabrics, wallpapers and rugs.

At Sarvodya at any given point of time, we display wide range of vibrant, modish and modern fabrics across our collection. With more than 5000+ curtain Fabrics, 2000+ upholstery fabrics, 8000+ wallpapers designs, 1000+ Rugs/carpets, our merchandise is sourced globally keeping in mind latest interior trends and utilitarian usage, commercially it has a very attractive price point to suite every budget.

  • Trust, durability and quality are the pillars that have bought laurels to the brand.
  • Our brand mantra bolsters on the four elements of success Customer, Quality, Service & Innovation.
  • The home is where the heart is – what better way to fashion your imagination and create poetry where you live.